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Central to your peace of mind.

Become a member today!

Central to your peace of mind.

Become a member today!

Notice: We have discontinued our online Membership portal. To become a member please fill out a membership packet.
Please mail completed packets to our office. Click here for more information on this decision.

The Central EMS Paramedic Ambulance Membership Plan has saved families hundreds of thousands of dollars in ambulance charges since 1988.

For a small annual fee, members avoid out-of-pocket costs for medically necessary emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport. Everyone is qualified to enroll. All immediate family members living in your home are covered, including spouses, parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren.

Becoming a member also shows your support of local first responders. Your membership fee helps support critical operations and equipment needs – and helps ensure Central EMS can continue to provide the exceptional level of lifesaving care the community has come to rely on.

How it Works

Everyone who lives or works in the Central EMS service area is qualified to join the plan, whether or not they have health insurance.

The annual fee is $85 for members with health insurance and $100 for those members without insurance beginning January 1, 2020. Membership becomes effective the first day of the month after the receipt of your enrollment form and payment.

The plan covers both emergency and non-emergency ambulance trips that are medically necessary and meet certain criteria, such as patient pickup and drop-off locations.

If an ambulance trip is medically necessary and the member has health insurance, the member does not have to pay the co-insurance and deductible amounts. If a member does not have health insurance, the plan pays for 100% of the covered charges.

If an ambulance trip is not medically necessary, but the trip meets pickup and drop-off location criteria, the plan pays for 50% of the non-covered charges.

If a member has insurance, Central EMS will bill your insurance first because Medicare requires it. The plan pays for any co-payments, deductibles and services not paid by insurance. If your insurance pays you instead of us, you agree to sign that payment over to us as a condition of your membership.

Joining the Paramedic Ambulance Membership Plan is easy! We value your membership and invite you to tell your friends and neighbors about the plan! For questions or more information, call (479) 521-5801 or email [email protected].

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