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Central EMS: Serving Our Community Since 1980!

CEMS began as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in March of 1980 through a joint effort between Washington Regional Medical Center and Washington County.   The resulting Emergency Medical Service focused on responding Paramedic level ambulances to the City of Fayetteville and Washington County.  On January 1, 2009 the Washington County Regional Ambulance Authority was formed and became the organizational structure for Central EMS.


Early in the development of the emergency system Central EMS realized it would be necessary to have a strong network of trained medical First Responders based in the outlying communities.  Together with the training provided by Central EMS personnel and the commitment of members of rural communities, Washington County now has one of the most impressive and successful emergency medical systems in the nation.  This is reflected in the number of lives saved.  Over 35% of people that suffered a life-threatening heart attack outside of the hospital arrived at the emergency room with a pulse and breathing because of the CPR, rescue breathing and shock delivered by the first responders and Central EMS personnel and 21.7% of those (18 people) left the hospital with a renewed chance at life. The national rate for cardiac arrest survival is less than 6%.


With eighteen state of the art ambulances and 125 highly trained health care professionals, the leadership and providers of Central EMS ensure those in need of emergency medical attention receive exceptional patient care.  Care begins with the 911 dispatchers providing life-saving medical instructions over the phone while the ambulance and fire departments are dispatched.  Once on the scene and at the patient’s side the EMTs, Paramedics and first responders work together as a team to deliver life-saving care.  Teamwork continues into the Emergency Department and through discharge to a rehabilitation facility with transport by one of Central EMS’ non-emergency ambulances. 


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