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Special Event Coverage

Central EMS provides thousands of hours of standby services every year for Special Events. Central EMS uses dedicated ambulances, first aid stations, all-terrain vehicles, and specially equipped mountain bikes to ensure rapid response and patient care under any circumstances. Staffing, equipment, and pricing for special events vary depending on the type of event and its location.


Non-Dedicated Event

Provides a standby ambulance free of charge but is subject to leaving due to emergency requests.

Dedicated Event

Provides a standby ambulance that is staffed with a dedicated crew for the event. Requirements Include:

  • Payment
  • A two-hour minimum on all Dedicated events
  • Events requiring three or more units require a command assignment for the event.

Standby Price List

All Dedicated standby events are billed in 15-minute increments.

  • Services Quarter per Hour Rate
  • Standby Ambulance $56.25
  • Standby Ambulance + Crew $68.75
  • Standby Bike Medic $43.75
  • Standby Dispatch $43.75
  • Standby Crew Member $12.50
  • Command $16.25 Rover $18.75
  • ATV Gator + Crew $28.75

Special Teams

ALS Ambulance Medical Standby Team

CENTRAL EMS can provide dedicated advanced life support (ALS) ambulance units to standby at special events. Each unit carries all the equipment required to provide advance life support treatment and transport should an emergency occur during the event. The team members are in constant communication with both the event staff and the CENTRAL EMS 911 Communications Center via radio. A special events coordinator can assist you in planning your requirements, including an inventory of necessary supplies and professional staffing levels needed based on the location and anticipated size of your event.

Medical Bike Team

Our Medical Bike Teams are staffed by Paramedics and are generally accompanied by an ALS Ambulance. The use of bicycles enable our Paramedics to navigate safely and quickly through highly congested areas at outdoor events. It also provides for immediate patient care in crowded situations where an ambulance might be delayed or not accessible depending on the location or venue. The team can also reach patients in wooded areas or rough terrain that is otherwise inaccessible to motorized vehicles. The Paramedics use all-terrain bicycles that are equipped with advanced life support equipment, which provide critical patient care. The bike team members have communications equipment that enables them to maintain contact to CENTRAL EMS 911 Communications Center and any responding ambulance crew via radio.

ALS Medical All-terrain Vehicle Team

The Medical ATV Team is staffed by an EMT and a Paramedic which is used to compliment an ambulance unit on standby and the bike team at larger events. The ATV’s used by CENTRAL EMS carry all the equipment required to provide basic or advanced life support treatment and transport to an onsite facility, or to a waiting ambulance should a medical emergency occur. Our ATV’s can travel up to 40 miles per hour and can be used at stadium facilities as well as outdoors. The ATV’s enable EMT’s and Paramedics to quickly respond and transport patients in crowded situations where an ambulance response would be delayed, or a normal ambulance vehicle could not be accessible. The team members maintain constant communication with the event staff, the CENTRAL EMS 911 Communications Center and other emergency responders via radio. Past events that have used our ATV Team for standby services include the Washington County Fair, Bikes Blues and BQQ, national certified bike races, and Razorback football games.


Please submit an Event Coverage Form at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of the event. Extended events, multi-day events, or large events requiring EMS capabilities beyond a single ambulance should be arranged at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of the event.

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