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Central to your peace of mind.

Avoid out-of-pocket costs while supporting local first responders. Become a member today!

Central to your peace of mind.

Avoid out-of-pocket
costs while supporting local first responders. Become a member today!


We are currently accepting bids for 3 type II ambulance vans. For more information or to submit a bid please refer to the following bid form: 2022-2023-Ambulance-Bids

Washington County Regional Ambulance Authority-
Central EMS...

A governmental, non-profit entity, overseen by a Board of Directors that make up the incorporated cities and the county.

Central EMS provides ambulance service to 920 square miles of Washington County, serving over 200,000 people. In 2019, Central EMS became accredited with the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS). This accreditation is presented to ambulance services that meet the highest quality of standards and care. Our dispatch team is an IAED accredited 9-1-1 center in the state of Arkansas. Our dispatchers are all trained and certified to provide the best care and instruction to people in need until the paramedics arrive.


All Communications Center staff are Emergency Medical and Fire Dispatch Certified through the IAED (EMD/EFD). 

911 Response

Central EMS Communications Center is staffed with 24/7 Emergency Medical and Fire Certified Dispatchers through the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch (IAED), who have extensive training to obtain all pertinent information in order to send the appropriate resources for emergency situations.

What to Expect from Our Dispatchers

Our Communications Center is staffed with professional, compassionate call takers who are ready to provide instruction for aid until responders arrive on scene. Dispatchers work simultaneously with emergency responders to expedite emergency requests to ensure a timely response. Our trained professionals are also proficient at coaching the caller in CPR, childbirth, bleeding control, water rescues, fire rescues, and numerous other emergency situations until responders arrive on scene.

Tips, Guidelines, and Strategies for Calling 911

  • Stay calm
  • Answer all questions clearly
  • Know what emergency services you need: police, fire, or ambulance
  • Know the location of the emergency and clearly post the address if you are able to
  • Do not hang up the phone, even if you called 911 by mistake
  • If you have children, teach them the importance of calling 911 and the appropriate time to do so

Latest News


Paramedics Teach Farmington Junior High Students

Central EMS worked with Laurie Smith of Farmington Junior High School to teach basic airway techniques to her students.
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Central EMS Receives Top Award from American Heart Association

Central EMS is one of only 8 agencies in Arkansas that received the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline EMS Gold Plus Award.
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*If you have an emergency Call 9-1-1*

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