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Our Crew

Chief Becky Stewart

Becky has been with us for over 15 years and became Chief of Central EMS in October of 2006.

Finance Director Owen McAdoo

Owen started at Central EMS as our Finance Director on 2015.

Assistant Chief Steve Harrison

Steve started working at Central EMS in 1983 and was named Assistant Chief in October of 2006.

Battalion Chief Dave Stoppel

Our A-Shift Battalion Chief, Dave Stoppel, has been with Central EMS since 2007.

Battalion Chief Josh Kuykendall

Josh has been the Battalion Chief over C-Shift crews since 2015.

Battalion Chief Nellie Morgan

Nellie has been at Central since 2004 and is the Battalion Chief over the B-Shift crews.

Battalion Chief Jimmy Jones

Jimmy is the Battalion Chief in charge of D-Shift, and has been with Central since 1986.

Battalion Chief Scott Bingaman

Scott is our Logistics Captain, and started at Central EMS in 1988.

Battalion Chief Brandi Moore

Brandi is in charge of Dispatch & Communications and has been with us since 2003.

Captain Shawna Ross

Captain Dustin Sanders

Captain Craig Harvey

Captain Brian Ballard

Captain Stuart Jones

Captain Jerry Mayer

Captain Sarah Webb

Captain Chance Cooper